Meet Isabella, our first amputee doll for children!

Isabella the doll

Isabella, our first amputee doll

Our prosthetist, Adam, is married to an above knee amputee. Her seven-year-old daughter requested that her doll be made to look “just like mommy.” In his spare time, Adam and his three daughters planned the design and worked on models until the prosthesis looked just like the real thing. We were so pleased with the finished product, we decided to share it with all of you on our social media pages.

Our little side project was incredibly inspirational so many people on our Facebook page and Instagram, and in turn, inspired us as well. We heard so many positive stories and received many comments and emails requesting their own dolls.

We are currently looking into creating the manufacturing process for these dolls so that we may offer them to you in the very near future. If you are interested in a doll, please send an email to [email protected]. We hope that you and your loved ones continue inspiring others. Thank you!