Our prosthetic design process allows you to work closely with us to ensure your needs, desires and goals can be met.

We are proud to work with many prosthetic companies to develop attractive yet practical designs for our clients. Together, we can help build you a prosthesis that is right for you. We offer a variety of feet, knees, ankles and even specialty sports components to build you a prosthesis. Many of our clients compete at top levels in difficult sports such as snowboarding, kiteboarding and surfing.

We understand that it’s not just about the hardware. The look of a prosthesis can be just as important as the components. There are many options for covering your prosthesis ranging from the unique and bold to beautiful high definition skins. It is our mission to design a prosthesis you can be comfortable in, both inside and out.

We’re not just limited to prosthetics, either.

Our orthotic design process helps you to customize the look of your device as well as the function. No matter what your activity level is, we will work with you to design a comfortable and practical solution for your orthotic needs.