Arlene Cohen wins 1st place!

Arlene is a retired firefighter from Florida. She currently resides in Colorado and both competes and teaches snowboarding and skiing.



Glen is a below the knee amputee from New York who works as a lineman at high heights. In his free time, he runs in races and obstacle courses like Tough Mudder.

Keyona Hayes


Keyona is a forward for the University of Miami Women’s Basketball team. After an injury to her nose, she has been wearing a protective face mask.


Kelly is an above the knee amputee who has a custom made cover from Dorset. Her skin tone and other details were matched live in person by a representative from Dorset.

Max Gomez


Max Gomez is a below the knee professional motocross rider from New York.


Jennifer is a full time nurse at a county hospital. She spends long shifts on her feet, but doesn’t sacrifice comfort or style.

Sean Reyngoudt

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Sean is an award winning kiteboarder from the Florida Keys. He is a high-impact athlete who uses his prosthesis in the most extreme conditions.