Prosthetic feet are one of the most important parts of a prosthesis.

The correct foot for your personal needs and goals can make the biggest difference in balance and stability. Below is a partial list of prosthetic feet and ankles we can provide. We will work together to find the best prosthetic foot for you.


  • Elite Blade Family
  • Elan Smart Ankle


  •   Thrive
  •   Kinterra Ankle/Foot System
  •   Renegade Family
  •   Agilix


  •   Talex
  •   Variflex
  •   Proflex XC
  •   Reflex Shock
  •   Variflex XC Rotate
  •   Proflex X3


  •   BIOM

Otto Bock

  •   Triton Smart Ankle