Prosthetic Orthotic Designs caters to the athletic amputee population. We will work with you to design and customize a prosthesis that will help you return to your active lifestyle. Running, bicycling, swimming, rock climbing and more are possible utilizing specialized components for your active prosthesis. Some of our clients are able to participate in competitive extreme sports such as kiteboarding, waterskiing and snowboarding. The key to excelling in sport is the ability to train on a regular basis without pain or complications.



Working in a professional setting can be demanding on your body. Many jobs require long periods of standing, lifting heavy items or other tasks that can cause a strain on residual limbs. Our prostheses can be customized for maximum comfort and stability to ensure that you will be able to accomplish everything you need. As in sports, the professional must be able to focus on the tasks at hand without being distracted by discomfort or mobility issues.



We work closely with state-of-the-art companies in providing the most lifelike cosmetic covers available today. There are a multitude of techniques available, such as color matching. High definition covers can not only match your own skin tone, but add hair, freckles and other features to get you as close as possible to your own body. We have solutions for everyday use as well for special occasions such as high definition high heel prostheses, high definition waterproof prostheses as well as both static and dynamic hand and arm high definition covers.